Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are incredibly common. Most are mild and easily resolved. However, sometimes UTIs can go undetected and cause problems. Knowing the subtle signs of a UTI can help you take action early on. 

The team of Patel & Patel in South Charleston, Virginia, wants patients to be aware of early signs of a UTI. This way, treatment is initiated quickly, reducing the chances of complications. When left unchecked, a UTI can spread to your kidneys and cause a serious infection.

Increase in urinary frequency

If you haven’t changed your fluid intake and are not taking diuretics, you should never ignore a sudden increase in urinary frequency. Certain explanations, such as changing to a low-sodium diet, can cause a temporary increase in the need to urinate. 

However, an unexplainable increase in urinary frequency may be a subtle sign of a UTI. If you notice that you’re running to the bathroom much more than usual, look out for other signs that may point to a UTI.

Urine that smells different from normal

Your urine’s scent can reveal a lot about your physical health. Strange-smelling urine is an early sign of an urinary tract infection. Consider what is normal for you — how does your urine normally smell? If the way your urine smells is noticeably different, it’s worth paying attention to. 

Cloudy urine

The appearance of your urine, like its smell, can provide a strong indication of the health of your urinary tract. While various factors can affect the color of your urine, healthy urine is clear and pale yellow. If your urine has turned cloudy, this may mean that something is awry with your urinary tract. Schedule an appointment to see us if you notice this and other symptoms. 

Burning when urinating

burning sensation when you urinate is a common symptom of a UTI. Early on, the sensation may be so mild that it may not alert you unless you’re paying attention. Burning during urination is caused by inflammation in the lining of your bladder. Take it as a warning sign that you must have a doctor check out what’s happening. 

Increased urinary urgency

In addition to increased frequency, UTIs tend to cause a more urgent urination need. Again, this may be a very subtle change early on. You may notice that your urge to urinate is stronger than normal. It may feel like you may lose control of your bladder if you don’t head to the restroom immediately. 

Consider other factors that may cause increased urgency, such as drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages. If you can’t think of any reasonable explanation for the change in urinary urgency, it’s worth it to get checked out to see what’s going on.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Patel & Patel team if you experience signs of a UTI. We can get you in and have you evaluated promptly. Schedule a visit with us by calling or requesting an appointment online today. 

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